Enhance the Memory Palace

CrMe 20

R: Per, D: Moon, T: Ind

This spell magically constructs an extremely detailed locus in the caster’s memory palace. The subject of the locus must be observed while the spell is being cast. The subject can be a single object, all the objects in a particular location, a discrete scene or event, or any written material less than a complete text. While the spell lasts, the caster can recall even obscure details by spending several minutes in reflection, “exploring” the locus. Multiple instances of this spell cannot be cast on the same subject. For example, a magus cannot use Enhance the Memory Palace to memorize an entire text by casting the spell on one page at a time. The locus can be destroyed with Perdo Mentem magic. When the spell ends, so does the memory.

The magus may permanently memorize the information by spending seven days in meditation and succeeding in a roll of Intelligence + Art of Memory vs. an Ease Factor of 9 (Average). There is also a Ritual version of this spell, which creates a permanent memory locus.

Magically created loci may exceed the limit on loci in memory: count them separately from normal loci. However, if the caster wishes to permanently memorize the locus to last beyond the spell, it must fall within all normal limits.

(Base 5, +3 Moon)

Enhance the Memory Palace

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