People of the Covenant


Sopinka-Quaesitori Necromancer
Cole-Celtic Mind Mage and Bard
Bran-Giant-Blooded Master of Animals.
Godfrei-Aloof Bonisagus and ‘Pure’ Theoretician.
Cassandra-Elemental Magus of House Merinita

Companions and Nobles

William Whitelocke-Leader of the Whitelocke Mercenary Company and Turb Captain
Charles “Hawkeye”-A Veteran of Many Wars, now the Grog’s Drill Sergeant
Henry Blackbanner-The Son and Heir to Sir Osmond Blackbanner, a young Wastrel.
Thomas Carne-A Pious, yet sickly Gossip of a Scribe.


Jacob the Scribe-A Jewish Scribe of recent Hire


Alfred-The “Old Man” in Whitelocke’s band of archers
Gryffyd-Welsh archer, as as good on the battle field as he is a pain off of it.
Tyler-A Young Archer
Wayland-A Former Blacksmith and Outcasts, now a Mercenary.
Red William-Red-Haired Archer and Scrapper
Fat William-A rotund and jovial Guard.
Big William-A large, kind-hearted Fighter.
Little William-A young, unsure, but Cheerful Mercenary.
Black William-The company’s ‘Hatchet Man’. Does the dirty-work nobody else will.
“Trebs” William-A humble man with a Throwing arm that some say could bring down a castle.
Jack Fingers-A pickpocket and gambler who joined the band to escape local law enforcement.
Young John-An Orphan of the Baronial War whose father served with other men in the company and has taken his fathers place.
Robert Grins-A Stout Mercenary with a large imposing scar that gives him his nickname.
Richard-A Mercenary who never speaks of his past.
Thomas-An Essex Freeman and Bowman.
Edward-A Mercenary who alternates between periods of fervent Debauchery and equally fervent penitence afterward.
Cutbert-A simple Mercenary
Hugh-A French Mercenary of the Baronial Wars who decided he liked England better than his home.
Peter-Often considered the best Archer of Whitelocke’s company.
Nicholas-A Young Soldier with Big Dreams.
John Outlawe-An outlaw and Bandit recruited into the Covenant.
Cosette-A Young French Girl who acts as Maid and has Eyes for the Turb Captain
Matilda-Alfred’s wife, Unofficial Head of the Household Staff and Den-Mother.
Mary Faire-A Young Maid and Camp follower with aims to raise above her station
Edith-A Servant and the oldest of Matilda and Alfred’s Children.
Nora-A Servant and former Camp Follower, married to Robert “Grins”
Ashley-Servant and camp follower. wife of Thomas.
Ivy-Scullery Maid, Matilda and Alfred’s youngest child.
Steven-Stable-boy and gofer. Matilda and Alfred’s middle child.
Paul-A Teamster and former Swineherd whose Merchant endeavours have made him rich.
John Wide-Fingers-An amazingly strong Ferryman, Trader and Mover of Godos.
Carol-John Wide-fingers quite, yet incredibly capable wife who handles the business end.
Andrew-Carol’s Younger Brother, who works with her and her husband aboard their boat.
Jory-A talkative Cornish Ferryman and Teamster.
Elizabeth-Hawkeye’s daughter, a carefree girl with little responsibility about the covenant.

People of the Covenant

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