Ore Island

Tribunal: Stonehenge
Setting: Medieval England
Magic Aura: Lab 5, General: 5
Living Conditions Modifier (Magi): 1
Living Conditions Modifier (Companions): 0
Living Conditions Modifier (Mundanes): 0

Year Founded: 1210 Current Year: 1222
Season:Spring Power Level: Medium
Aegis of the Hearth: 25

None as of Yet

Build Points Total: 271

Starting Points Current Points
Library 211 211
Lab Texts 0 0
Vis Stocks 0 0
Vis Sources 60 100
Enchanted Items 0 0
Specialists 0 5


  • Minor Boon Difficult Access The Island is Remote and requires Boats to reach, making it defensible.
  • Minor Boon Aura (×2) Grants Aura 5 over the Covenant
  • Free Choice Island The Covenant is surrounded by Water, is unlikely to attract the attention of nobles, but has no overt fortifications or towers.
  • Free Choice Small Tower A Single stone tower rests on the Island.
  • Minor Boon Writ of Crenellation The Covenant has written permission from a Temporal
    authority to fortify their home.
  • Minor Boon Right The Covenant has been granted the Right to Fish the local sea’s and
    nearby River.
  • Free Choice Sailors The Covenant folk survive through Fishing. They will need to be paid
    a penny a day unless other arrangements are made.
  • Minor Boon Missile Weapon The Covenant Mundane tenants include a large number of
    Archers. They lack armour, but may also have inexpensive weapons.
  • Minor Boon Strong Community The community of the covenant is exceptional, and everybody
    knows, and to an extent, trusts everyone else, making it hard to infiltrate.
  • Minor Boon Veteran Fighters (20) (Number: 20; Base Pay: 1; Pay: 20) The Covenant has a
    small number of professional soldiers. They must be paid a penny a day, most
    use standard weapons, though the Officers may have expensive ones. They have
    standard Armour.
  • Major Boon Exceptional Book (Book: Summa on Creo)


  • Minor Hook Road The Covenant lies on both an important Commercial road between Exeter and
    Southern Devonshire, but also on the Coast near both Pirate Bays and Merchant
  • Major Hook Castle The possession of serious military fortifications means that the
    Covenant cannot be ignored by local temporal and spiritual authorities.
  • Minor Hook Fosterage The Castle is fostering the child of a power person or Being.
  • Minor Hook Centralized Kingdom As it is clear who owns every bit of Land in England, the Covenant must justify itself to agents of the Crown.
  • Major Hook Ruined Covenant The Covenant lies on the site of a previously ruined
    covenant. Strange Magics and remnants still remain to be discovered.
  • Minor Hook Haunted Ghosts, Possibly of Ex-Magi, Haunt the Covenant.
  • Minor Hook Unknown Exactly what it sounds like, something is wrong or inconvenient with the Covenant, we’ll find out what it is eventual…

Total Boons: 11 Hooks: 11


Prevailing Loyalty Score: -2
Base Loyalty: -23
Living Conditions: 0
Specialists: 0
Reputations: 0
Current Loyalty Points: 6


Inhabitants Number Points
Magi 5 25
Nobles 1 2
Companions 3 6
Specialists/Craftsmen 1 2
Dependents 3 3
Grogs 22 22
Laborers 0 0
Servants 8 8
Teamsters 5 5
Horses 0 0
Total 48 73

People of the Covenant

Horses and Livestock
The Covenant at present possesses no Horses, though there is a Chicken Flock kept on the Island.


Money Reserve: 28 £
Total Income: 125 £
Expenditures (Before Cost Savings): 97 £
Cost Savings: 0 £
Total Expenditures: 97 £
Points of Inhabitants: 73
Points of Laboratories: 50
Points of Weapons and Armor: 672
Member Weapons Points: 37

Sources of Income
Fishing (Typical), Current Income: 85 £
The Local Fishing village employs over a hundred people. The writ the Covenant has both secures the village it’s fishing rights, and expands them beyond what is typical for such a village. While the Village has a deep relationship with the Covenant, it’s inhabitants are not considered Covenfolk.

Forestry(Lesser), Currency Income: 40 £
A deal with Sir Falkes de Breauté has granted the covenant several miles of nearby woodland, as well as a dozen or so experienced woodsmen to procure wood and game from the forest. This solitary lot of men report to Thomas Carne.

Yearly Expenditures

Inhabitant Wages: 6 £
Soldier Wages: 22 £
Weapons and Armor: 2 £
Writing Materials: 7 £
Buildings: 7 £
Consumables: 14 £
Laboratories: 5 £
Provisions: 35 £
Total 97 £



Vis Source: Vim 10 Pawns
Location: Covenant; Seasons: Spring
The Island itself is a pulsing nexus of magical energies, barely contained, or in truth, understood by the Magi who now dwell there. Upon the Vernal Equinox, as the light from the sun slips above the horizon, small vibrations can’t be felt throughout the island, as if a giant harp-string has been plucked. From the ground, some-where on the island, like strange sprouts, will grow these small pulsing monoliths, like fingers of stone that reach up from the ground towards the Spring sun. Each is marked with an incomprehensible swirling sigil motif.

Vis Source: Aquam 2 Pawns
Location: Covenant Seasons: Winter
During Winter’s darkest months, Crystals of a Brilliant Blue Hue stick to the cliffs, glowing among the formations of ice.

Vis Source: Corpus 2 Pawns
Location: Fae Hill about 2 days ride to the West. Seasons:Spring
The Fae Spirit of a long dead Roman gives up a cup of the blood he has collected over the centuries, the thick crimson liquid radiating life.

Vis Source: Creo 4 Pawns
Location: A Magical cave less than a days walk from the Covenant. Seasons:Spring
A strange Magical regio here contains ancient cave paintings and relics. Within during the spring small flowers of red and green grow from seemingly solid stone, with no sunlight or water.

Total: Build Points: 60

Vis Stocks
1 Vim, 6 Aquam, 2 Corpus


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