Ore Island

Winter 1223 A.D.
Alliances bear fruit, both sweat and bitter

The covenants turb, now tested in battle, and made wary by knowledge of the covenants enemies, greats the cold rains of winter almost fondly. No campaigns will be fought in such weather and perhaps some peace may be found over the season.

With frost touching the ground and the Winter Solstice upon them the Covenant, and the Mages, take stock of what has been wrought. Their alliance with Falkes de Breauté has resulted in a surplus of coin and a prosperous year, yet also a letter in which the High Sheriff speaks obliquely of something in Tintagel only the mages could help him with.

The Aegis of the Hearth renewed for a year, matters of the coming magus from Nigrasaxa, as well as the approach of Sir Oswald Blackbanner for Christmas occupied much of the council meeting.

The same day the good Knight arrived, bearing gifts, food and fruits for the Christmas celebration and eager to see how his son had been faring. His talk with both Cole and Cassandra led to his seeming support for training the boy in the second sight, as he hopes his son will one day replace him as a responsible noble.

Fall 1222 A.D.
A Bastard in more than Name

The Grain has grown long, and a slow chilll builds in the South of England, and yet the Covenant faces greater dangers than the coming winter.

Cassandra, with help from Cole, was able to demonstrate that indeed, Henry does have the gift of secondsight. What the covenant, and more importantly his father, will do with this knowledge is hard to know, and something that the covenant can at least put to the side until Christmas.

In the meanwhile however, something darker is afoot. Geoffrey the Bastard, bastard son of Eudo de Vannes, appeared at the Inn, bringing with him a couple of men and asking questions about the Lady Cassandra and William Whitelocke. This news soon reached back to Whitelocke, who set Black William to work, monitoring the roads to see if this scoundrel and bandit would return.

Soon enough he did, with a half-dozen men on horseback and another dozen men. Alerted, the Covenant was able to evacuate the village and set up a trap for the men. A combination of Bran’s magic, the skill at arms of the Turb and the Captains leadership brought down the attackers, letting only a couple escape, and felling the Bastard himself.

Brought to the covenant, Cole’s mind magic was able to discover the truth, and Whitelockes failure to more generally alert the covenant brought up. A council meeting recommended commending the Captain for his defence of the village and covenant, but reprimanded him for not letting the mages in general know everything there was to know. It was agreed a more specific system, in which it would be the obligation of everyone to make sure the Speaker of the council was informed of all general matters, rather than any one particular mage, would be instituted.

The council finished in conversation, wondering what could now be done about Baron Eudo, and what retribution would follow from the death of his bastard son.

Summer 1222
Books and Plots and Sealing Wax

Fields now show Amber stocks of Wheat, Oats and Barely. Gardens sprout with hops, turnips, vegetables and herbs. The fishermen have had a good season and all seems well.

Cassandra continues to be occasional plagued with strange visions; one set around Sopinka, seeing him do literal battle with some dark robed mage. This vision shows this mage using a dagger, a robe covered in snakes, and an inverted cross with a strange asexual demonic figure on it as metaphorical ‘weapons’. As the battle rages the two of them are seemingly consumed in flame.s

While pondering these Visions Cassandra has more immediate matters to concern herself with as becomes further a more integral part of the covenant. The young Henry Blackbanner has asked for her to train him in the second sight he claims to possess. The covenant has agreed that she should at least test the boy to see if he does possess this sight. Though since his Father is coming to stay for Christmas this year, it was agreed any manner of training would be held off at least until than.

Lastly Cassandra seems to have earned herself some measure of loyalty from the out of time Norseman Sigurd. Though his English is poor, he seemed to convey an offer to protect Cassandra if she would protect him from the Fae.

Cole and his entourage returned, with news about negotiations with other covenants. Much debate in the council than ensues, mostly about the offer from Nigrasaxa, which was very generous in terms of their own library, but came with it an offer of negotiating Ore Islands entrance to an alliance against Blackthorne. It was eventually decided that they would accept the offer and sent a missive for the covenant to send their representative to Ore Island to consider the nature of such a future pact.

Spring 1222
Bear Caves, Mayday Malarky and a Quest for Texts.

Fall passed into Winter, and Winter finally breaking into spring with no further word from the Faerie lord. Unknowing if such a being even reckoned time as do humans, the Covenant turned back to order, fish, wheat, vis and now Timber.

The finances of the Covenant seemingly secure, though all concerned about what might come from their bargain with Falkes de Breauté, the new matter before the council was their library resources. Though the covenant possessed a number of important and worthy texts, their range was somewhat limited and many within the covenant desired a broader library to further their magical research.

It was agreed that after the Mayday Celebration, Cole, along with several grogs, would travel to the Covenants of Nigrasaxa, Libellus, and Schola Pythagoranis to seak to bargain for books.

The Mayday celebration, with it’s cakes and Maypole and Mayfaire Queen, went on quite well within the covenant and the nearby fishing village. Though it began perhaps a strange tale; Mary Faire had apparently set her eyes on one of the mages, strangely enough Sopinka. While his initial social ignorance kept anything from coming of it, Mary was not one to be so easily dissuaded and wound up in a compromising position in the mages bed. With a, some would say strange, level of chivalry, Sopinka used his magic to keep the girl asleep and than had Matilda deal with the matter as gently as possible. Though only time will tell if Mary has given up her aspirations on the Mage, or will turn her attentions and ambitions to another.

The last matter was one for Magus Bran. Wondering the woods as a bear, he came across a cave he had frequented many times before. Some shift in the rocks, an early spring flood or some such, had caused a portion of wall to come loose, revealing a deeper cave that smelt of antiquity and bear. Exploring within he discovered a strange Magical Creature, a Bear of Virtue, whom he calmed and engaged with. She showed him to a strange Magical Regio on which strange elaborate paintings covered the walls and strange edifices and statuettes littered the floor along with countless bear bones. A new source of Vis was of course a benefit to the covenant, but Bran seems interested in gleaning something more from this strange cave.

Late Autumn 1221 continued

Cassandra, as the resident expert on the Faerie, attempted to meet with the neighbouring Faerie lord. At first, being attacked by shark-like beings, she returned with a number of grogs to assist her, led by Hawkeye. She was successful in finding an island, remarkably similar to Ore Island with one major exception – instead of the covenant, in the middle of the island stands a single standing stone with unusual markings, and a cave. Investigating the area, she figured out a ritual to enter the Faerie Lord’s castle.

Performing the ritual, she and her men found themselves on a bridge leading to the castle. Entering the Faerie lord’s castle. The Faerie lord’s arrogance and Cassandra’s poor diplomacy resulted in an altercation – resulting in Cassandra vomiting water and one of the grogs being enscorcelled.

At the same time, Bran went investigating the new lands and ran into a mysterious forest boy. The boy didn’t speak any language Bran knew and communication was a failure. In the process, Bran slightly terrorized a neighbouring village.

Two weeks went by without Cassandra and her troop returning. As a result, another contentious council meeting occurred about what to do regarding the Faerie Lord, and the covenant prepared for war. Then Cassandra returned, finding a beautiful urn filled with blue roses and a scroll, which would only open with a knife in the council-chambers.

The scroll, by Lord Amairgar said simply: “The Lady Cassandra amuses me. Prepare for my embassy”.

Late Autumn 1221 A.D.
The Deal Concludes, and a Marriage goes awry.

The arguments were heated, with factions emerging in the Covenants council for the first time; Bran and Sopinka advocating against involvement of any kind with Sir Falkes de Breauté, while Cole and Cassandra advocated for it. In the end a compromise of sorts was reached, with the recognition that having sought out the man to make a deal they had already involved themselves. The Covenant would gain rights to the nearby forest, while they would provide Sir Falkes with a measure of magic.

The Good Captain William Whitelocke and Cosette, the Norman French Maid, were set to he married, or at least there was the pretense there. As the matter drew towards actual dates and matters of where and how, a struggle broke out between the two, aided in no part by the various meddling and busyboding of the covenfolk and eventually a few of the mages. Cossette, desireous that the Captain should prove that he wanted to marry her, desired a Church wedding. For his part the entire circumstances put the Captain into crisis. Not willing to change his image of himself as a mere lowly mercenary, and thinking Cossette wanted to marry some-one that ’wasn’t who he was’ he departed the covenant, under much duress from others. At the same time mysterious vibrations in the earth of the Island struck, placing the personal trevails of the Captain in shadow.

Following the vibrations in the earth of the Island, both the old bath-house and the basement of the tower flooded, putting Mary Faire in dire circumstances. She was rescued by the quick actions of the mages, whereupon an investigation was commenced. The mages discovered an under-water passage-way that had been previously blocked off had now been opened, and following it found themselves in what could only be described as a gigantic cistern. They have assumed that this is further faerie machinations but beyond that… nothing.

The Captain and Cosette met at the inn and resolved their differences. Whether the same could be said for the Captain and the mages, remains to be seen.

Autumn 1221 A.D.
Banditry, Wealth, and a bold new plan.

After a series of events, the Covenant has a new Magus; Cassandra of house Merinita. Born of the Undine, Fae of the Sea, the strange Blue Skin magus was eventually asked to join the Covenant to replace her fellow House Member who had so tragically been murdered almost two years past.

Accepting the invitation and setting about crafting her own Lab, Cassandra sought to bring her young daughter to the Covenant. Travelling over-land, it was soon discovered that the Caravan transporting the girl had been waylaid by bandits.

The probationary member of the Covenant, along with William Whitelocke and several Grogs, went to rescue the girl. The rescue went well, though they learned that this operation was orchestrated by one John the Bastard, the bastard son of the Baron Eudo de Vannes.

Whitelocke, and his company, had dealings with the Baron, a Norman who was last known to be in Normandy proper. There dealings had not been ideal, Whitelocke still harbouring a strong desire for revenge, though such a matter was better left till another time.

Meanwhile, the Covenants finances had come under review. Jacob the Scribe had noted that the covenant was barely covering expenses, and so Cole along with others was sent to try and secure another source of income. This has led them to make a potential bargain with Falkes de Breauté, though they as of yet don’t know where it will lead.

Later Spring 1221
To Lex Hermeticum and back

As Sopinka’s lack of piety led to the meeting with the Bishop of Exeter being a bust, the small party had little choice but to travel onward for some hermetic help in regards their demonic troubles.

Traveling over-land for several days they eventually arrived outside Winchester and towards Lex Hermeticum, a Covenant known as a repository of Law and Lore, both Hermetic and Mundane.

Once at Lex Hermeticum, the party, consisting of Sopinka, John Carpenter, Peter, and Cutbert, met with Master Aelard, a decrepit ancient wizard who is rumoured to have been born before the Norman Conquest. After some debate and consideration he refused to lend the Covenant a tomb on Vim magic, reasoning the covenant had little to offer back in return. However, he did offer both a book no Demonic Knowledge, and a copy of the Spell Demon’s Eternal Slumber, both to be copied and than delivered during the summer months.

Getting something rather than nothing, the party returned to Ore Island, however John Carpenters Keen eyes spotted an ambush of Highwayman near a bridge. Quick thinking and Wizards Magic subdued the villians, and one of them, by the name of John, was convinced to join the Covenant as a Grog rather than face the noose.

Spring 1221

A foul murder occured just off the shores of the covenant. Two quarelling brothers that resulted in blood. Later a small group of grogs got into a confrontation with some merchants that turned nearly deadly, Iron being drawn. In both these instances, investigation, mostly by Sopinka, led to the conclusion that some supernatural force, enhancing anger and rage, was at work.

Sopinka continued to investigate, bringing such information to the royal coroner as he could. He came to believe that they were dealing with a demon, and had this confirmed when the creature confronted him on the road. Despite putting arrows and spears into the creature, it would have ended them all had it not seemingly decided to spare the Mage. Now roused to the possibility that the covenant in general, and perhaps Sopinka specifically, were a target for demons, the tacturn Magus has started on a quest to find more information about demons and better arm the covenant against them.

His quest has started in Exeter. Sadly, though the Church might be an ally, it in not a reliable one, at least where the irreleigious Sopinka is concerned, and the Bishop, while vowing to investigate the matter, did not grant access to the Church’s store of information.

The mage thus, with a few grogs, travels further north, to a Covenant which he believes will have knowledge useful on the subject; Lex Hermeticum

Autumn 1220

The Knight and lesser Nobleman Sir Oswald Blackbanner called upon the covenant to deal with a problem plaguing his lands. Several young women had vanished in the past weeks, and there was tell of strange sounds from a hill with an old wishing well on it.

Sopinka and Bran, along with several grogs, journeyed for several days to Blackbanner’s lands. There they slowly uncovered the problem. An ancient Roman specter had long haunted the hill. The specter was placated by sacrifices of blood, made by the many lovers who came to the hill in a local superstition in which some was offered down the well. Sir Osmond’s son, Henry, had been hiding in the well to spy on copulating couples. For reasons still not entirely clear, he was able to enter the Regio in which the Spirit lived and steal some of it’s possessions, gold and silver jewelery.

The Spirit was roused to anger; Originally a Roman whose daughter was savagely killed by Brits, he abducted women who came to the hill once wakened, in imitation of ‘protecting’ the daughter he had failed in life. Once all this was revealed, the mages returned the ghosts items to him, and a peace was reached. Sacrifice would continue, no more women would vanish, and for it’s part the Covenant would recieve some of the offerings in the form of vis every spring.

Roused by his offsprings immature and churlish behavoir, Sir Oswald came to an understand with the Covenant to send the boy to be Warded there until his majority.


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