Ore Island

Spring 1220

During this season two major changes occurred. Sopinka travelled to Exeter to ensure that all of the legal matters were in order and ended up employing a Jewish scholar to be the covenant’s librarian.

While he was gone, Sir John came to the covenant, Ysabeau had been found – tortured and murdered – a sign written in a language unknown to all the mages hanging around her neck.

Winter 1219
The covenant has been made livable and the Charter was set up. Ysabeau has not yet shown up at the covenant. The mages have been too busy to meet with their neighbours as of yet and haven’t had any time to study.

The Archers, led by Whitelocke, have fixed up the barracks and have started building smaller huts for them to live. Some of their camp followers have taken up the tasks of laundresses, cleaning women, and cooks and a head-housekeeper has sort of appeared from among them (the wife of one of Whitelocke’s lieutenants).

Sopinka is heading off to Exeter to review the necessary legal documents and to collect supplies for the Covenant.

Autumn 1219

Summoned before a meeting of the Stonehenge Tribunal, our heroes were asked to justify why they would be a good choice to re-establish a covenant on X [we haven’t decided a name but for the time being lets call it Ore Island]. After some deliberation and a fair bit of politicing, the Tribunal selected 5 young magi to do so.

The Magi

Godfrei of House Bonisagus
Bran of House Bjornear
Cole of House Ex Miscellanea
Ysabeau of House Merinita
Sopinka of House Guernicus

Ysabeau had to return to her home covenant before heading off to the new covenant but promised to meet with the rest of the mages at the island.

The rest of you headed towards the island. It being late autumn, the mages ran into some bad weather. Fortunately, they ran into a camp of mercenaries and were offered protection from the elements. Bran preferred to be on his own and headed into the forest. Cole was apparently impressed by what he saw of the mercenaries and suggested that the mages give them employment. Sopinka and Bran agreed.

Proceeding forward, the now enlarged group stopped at a tavern close to their destination. There Cole flirted a bit with the tavern keeper, Esme and met some of the locals, including a mute giant known as Wat.

Arriving at the fishing village attached to the island, Col et al found the villagers to be a sullen lot but they did acknowledge their servitude to the mages – taking them over to the island in a boat.

Arriving at the island, the mages found an stone path leading into the island. Bran noticed that for some reason, although the area around it was overgrown with flora – no grass grew between the stones of the pathway. Arriving at the covenant proper – a Earthenwork barrier surrounding a 5 story tower and two out-buildings – the mages began to explore.

Out-building 1: Appeared to be some kind of barracks – the roof on it had collapsed.
Out-building 2: A stone building with decorative mosaic with a sea theme. There was a circular stairway heading down. In the basement was a hall with two arches – leading to two identical rooms, each with what looks like a bath/pool.
Tower: Main floor of the tower was empty – stone stairs going up and what looks like used to be wooden stairs dropping into a hole to a basement. Next three floors were apparently private quarters (2 per floor), each with a lab and a smaller sleeping area. Top floor looks to have been taken up by a library and a meeting room (2). On the roof of the tower were pieces of broken glass and three small holes (one inch in depth – about one-two feet apart in a triangle (Cole suggested that they may have been made by some kind of tripod)). Bran investigated the basement – finding it to be empty except for some empty boxes. He also found a blocked off passage going deeper into the island.


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