Grimoire of St. Anthony

A Text listing Demons, their Traits and Weaknesses


Summa on Infernal Lore
Level:3 Quality:12


This was a book gifted to the covenant by the Lex Hermeticum covenant in 1221 A.D. for aid in fighting demons. Whether it was actually penned by St. Anthony, the book is attributed to a student of that long ago saint who was said to have been slain by demons, brought back and than confronted them with help from god. The text itself is a long list of demons, their trains, their interests and how to turn them aside or recognize them. It’s obvious purpose is to both guard the spirit against particular demons charms and to help in defeating them. That is might also be an excellent text in summoning or controlling such creatures is also unfortunately true. It is a thick book covered in brown leather, a Folio, with a simple imprint on the front. The pages done in a simple, no nonesense text without embelishment or illumination which betrays its origins as a copy produced by apprentices of the Lex Hermeticum.

Grimoire of St. Anthony

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