A Gopher and animal keeper, Matilda and Alfred's middle Child.



Intelligence -1
Perception +0
Strength +1
Stamina -1
Presence +0
Communication -1
Dexterity +0
Quickness +0

Age: 14 Year Born: 1209 A.D. Height: 4’10" Weight: 89 lb’s Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence 0


Improved Characteristics
Puissant Animal Handling



Personality Traits

Reckless +3, Envious +3, Loyal -1


Dodge- Init +0, Atk n/a, Def +1, Dam n/a
Fist- Init +0, Atk +1, Def +1, Dam +1
Kick- Init -1, Atk +1, Def +0, Dam +4
Dagger- Init +0, Atk +3, Dfn +1, Dam +3
Club- Init +1, Atk +3, Dfn +2, Dam +4
Soak: -1
Fatigue Levels: Ok, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties:-1(1-4), -3(5-8), -5(9-12), Incapacitated(13-16), Dead(17)


Devonshire Lore 1, Gloucester Lore 1, Worcestershire Lore 1, Animal Handling 3+2(14 xp), Athletics 1, Awareness 1, Bows 2, Brawl 1(8 xp), Etiquette 1, Folk Ken 2(4 xp), Hunt 2, Guile 1, Welsh 1, English 5, Single Weapon 1, Stealth 2(4 xp), Survival 2, Swim 2


Rough trousers and Jerkin. He has an adult sized hooded cloak he wears in the Briton style sometimes. His boots are a size too large and usually stuffed with some rags. He carries a dagger and usually a stout stick.


Steven is the middle child of Alfred and Matilda. However as the only surviving son he doesn’t have the usual problem of the middle child. Instead he has found himself the focus for both his mothers harsh words and his fathers hopes. He has been more or less raised within the Mercenary company, and thus has picked up a few things in terms of combat and practices as the bow with the hopes of being as good an archer as the rest one day.

At the moment he acts as a general gopher and helping hand around, looking after what animals the covenant might have, be that flocks of ducks and chickens, a couple of hogs, or a strangely appearing/disappearing cat. He continually hopes to get more training and join the grogs proper.


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