Sir Robert de Courtenay

Sheriff of Devon, Baron of Oakhamptom




Sir Robert de Courtenay, Knight, born 1183, of Okehampton, Devonshire, England. He married Mary de Redvers, daughter of Sir William de Redvers 5th Early of Devon in 1209. He is the present sheriff of Devon, as well as Baron of Oakhampton and an Uncle by marriage of the present Earl of Devon(whom he has never actually met).

He and his wife have a single child thus far; Hawise de Courtenay, who is a charming girl, though her parents continue to try for a son and heir. Given the present rules of Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture, Sir Roberts wife is the heir to the Earldom.

Sir Robert has a fierce hatred for Falkes de Breauté, or as he sometimes calls him ‘That Commoner Bastard’. To his view, Falkes has usurped the Barony, and the rightful rule of the nobility, not to mention gathered too much power to him. Falkes recent attempts to take the position of Sheriff of Devonshire away from him have also not gone unnoticed. A man who views his position through the lens of Noble Oblige, he is not about to allow a brutal, blasphemous, mercenary thug like Falkes dominate the county.

Sir Robert de Courtenay

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