Red William

An Archer with Flaming Red Hair and the Temper to Match



Intelligence +0
Perception +1
Strength +2
Stamina +1
Presence -1
Communication -1
Dexterity +2
Quickness +1

Age: 23 Year Born: 1200 A.D. Height: 5’8" Weight: 175 lb’s Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence: 0


Affinity with Bows



Personality Traits

Reckless +3, Wrath +3, Loyal -2


Dodge- Init 0, Atk n/a, Def +5, Dam n/a Fist- Init 0, Atk +6, Def +5, Dam +2 Kick- Init -1, Atk +6, Def +4, Dam +5 Dagger- Init 0, Attack +8, Def +5, Dam +5 Spear, Short Init +2, Atk +9, Dfn +7, Dam +7 Longbow- Init -2, Atk +11, Dfn +8, Dam +10
Soak: 4(Partial Leather Scale)
Fatigue Levels: Ok, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties:-1(1-5), -3(6-10), -5(11-15), Incapacitated(16-20), Dead(21)


Athletics(Jumping) 2, Brawl(Punched) 3(12 xp), English(Slang) 5, Swim(Diving) 2, Animal Handling(Ponies and Mules) 2, Devonshire Lore(Geography) 0(6 xp), Yorkshire Lore(Geography) 3, Awareness(Keeping Watch) 2, Carouse(Power Drinking) 2(6 xp), Folk Ken(Peasants) 1, Hunt(Fowl) 4, Scots Gaelic(Storytelling) 1, Stealth(Natural Area’s) 3, Survival(Forests) 2, Bows(Longbow) 5, Single Weapon(Spear) 4(3 xp)


Rough, serviceable Clothes, a Dagger, a Short Spear, Partial Leather Scale Armour, A Longbow, Quiver with two-dozen Arrows.


Born in Northern Yorkshire of an English Father and a Scottish Mother, it was said both William’s looks and temper favoured his mother’s side quite heavily. Standing out from many of his peers, he grew up a fighter, and his relative size never helped matters. A brawler, his one saving grace was his skill with the Bow, which got him noticed during the beginning of the Baron’s War. Recruited into forces mustering for Gold and Glory, he signed on with Whitelocke as eagerly as he could and hasn’t looked back.

Like many he’s very unsure of this new ‘arrangement’, but doesn’t mind having a roof over his head, though he is heard to say “Had I wanted to live on a Wind-Swept bit of Rock, I would have gone and found my Mum’s Dad…”

Red William was one of the Grogs to confront the Wrath Demon on the Road to Exeter. He survived and healed up well after only a month or so, but he still has a couple of vicious scars on the left side of his chest from the incident.

Red William

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