Kay de Vannes

A Monstrous Young Lord


Eudodevannes.pngKay is the youngest son of Eudo de Vannes. As the youngest son he knew he would inherit no lands from his father, and that his father would trust his bastard in his court above him. There was some talk of him going into the Clergy, and with a scholarly interest and a sharp mind it seemed a natural conclusion. Than his eldest brother died, killed in a conflict between his father and some Mercenaries and suddenly he was the heir to the Barony.

This has pleased him greatly, but it has also been something dire for the people of the land. While Eudo is an ambitious man, filled with dreams of power and prestige, his younger son is best described as a Sadistic Monster, whose churchly learnings have made him only the more so. He is smarter than his father or either of his older brothers, and has discipline they all lack. He knows how to suppress his baser urges, but he does so only to satisfy them in ways that would make most men queasy. He is critical of all in this imperfect world, including himself. He flirts with the power of the infernal, though he may better be described as a conduit for it.

His eldest brother was an Arrogant Fop, his Bastard Brother a Brutish Bully. He is a monster.

Kay de Vannes

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