Eudo de Vannes

A Baron, Marcher Lord, and Right despicable old bastard


Eudodevannes.pngEudo de Vannes is an ambitious man from what is, in france, a small noble house stretched between Normandy and Brittany. Much of these ancestral lands are either held by cousins, or were lost outright during the Wars between King John and Philip. Eudo has had to make his own base of power.

This he had done, reasonably successfully, in the Southern Marches of Wales. As a marcher Lord, he was charged with controlling and subduing the Welsh. This he had done, quite successfully, until a conflict over pay with some mercenaries led to the catastrophic death of his eldest son. This seemed but the first in a set of disasters for the lord, who fell out of favour with the King’s early regents, as well as having to deal with the resurgent Welsh.

Not as wealthy as he once once, his lands still provide him with money and men, and he is nothing if not crafty. He has managed to maintain power despite his setbacks because of his shrewd intellect and lack of scruples.

He has lost his Eldest Son, Edmund, and his middle son, the Bastard Geoffrey. All that remains now is his younger son Kay, who while as shrewd as his father, is also without any redeeming characteristics, and far more brutal.

Eudo de Vannes

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