The Daughter of Hawkeye, a carefree girl with little direction.



Intelligence -1
Perception -1
Strength -2
Stamina -2
Presence -1
Communication -1
Dexterity +0
Quickness +0

Age: 11 Year Born: 1212 A.D. Height: 4’3" Weight: 64 lb’s Gender: Female
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 0
Confidence: 0
Size -2


Daughter of Custos(Free)
Apt Student
Free Expression
Improved Characteristics


Carefree(Minor Personality)
Weakness(Storytellers, Minor Personality)
Driven(Minor Personality, Inherited)

Personality Traits

Carefree +3, Patient +1, Shy +1


Dodge- Init +0, Atk n/a, Def +0, Dam n/a Fist- Init +0, Atk +0, Def +0, Dam -2 Kick- Init -1, Atk +0, Def -1, Dam +1
Soak: -2
Fatigue Levels: Ok, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties:-1(1-3), -3(4-6), -5(7-9), Incapacitated(10-12), Dead(13)


Devonshire Lore(People) 0[6 xp], Suffok Lore(Geography) 1, Essex Lore(Geography) 1, Folk Ken(Peasants) 3[6 xp], Norman French(Storytelling) 1, English(Storytelling) 5, Latin 2[0 xp], Survival(Forests) 2, Awareness(Alertness) 1, Etiquette(Nobles) 1, Guile(playing innocent) 2[1 xp], Stealth(Hiding) 2, Swim(Long Distances) 2[1 xp]


Usually a simple peasant dress and a small silver chain that belonged to her mother. Often flowers if she can find some.


Elizabeth is the daughter of Charles “Hawkeye”. Her Mother, Claire, died in childbirth, and since that time she has been raised by a combination of her father, and what-ever women the man could round up into helping him. Often this was camp followers, or local nurse-maids when she was very young, though since the end of her infancy she has a tad more independence.

She has lived in a few castles, as well as military camps, and just on the road, and has a much more worldly attitude than is typical for a child her age. At the same time while she can be a bit shy around strangers, she has a very carefree attitude, an optimism that Charles says she gets from her mother.

It remains to be seen what this young girl shall grow to be, but with a Mercenary for a father, and living in a covenant of Wizards and Mercenaries, it is most likely to be interesting.

She has the free reign of the covenant, but has taken interesting in many of it’s facets; from Jacob and Thomas and their scribing to the grogs martial practice to even the stranger acts of some of the Magi. She is beginning to aspire to things greater than the life of marrying a soldier and cooking and cleaning the covenant.


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