Ore Island

Winter 1223 A.D.(Part 4)

Boil, Boil, Toil and Trouble

The continued quest to find the potentially murderous monk and his fellows took Cassandra and Sopinka, along with a group of Grogs, deep into the Dartmoor.

This Cold, Wet, Foreboding place is nowhere for civilized man nor beast, and was cloaked near perpetually in Mists as the party worked it’s way ever on, trusting to their tracking ability and the magic of the Magi.

Bursting from the Fog was one of the Warriors they had been tasked with finding, and yet something was strange. HIs mount was mad, frothing at the mouth, and the man himself seemed beyond reason; wailing and screaming, even after he was unhorsed. Sopinka used some of his magic to try and uncloud the man’s mind, finding strange echoes of unusual magic there.

Once done the man seemed to recognize some of the party, especially Cassandra. His interrogation revealed him to be the member of a new religious order, devoted to the destruction of ‘Witches’ and only peripherally sanctioned by the church. They had apparently encountered a Witch at a stone monolith some ways on, and she has ensorcerled him.

They let his horse run free and left him to fend for himself in the Moor, while they headed onward. At the Monolith they found the body of the monk they sought, dead for some time. Sopinka’s ability to speak with the dead proved useful, as they could bargain with the dead monk. Trading information for a promise to bury his body in holy ground. From this they discovered much about the man’s order, but also a little of the witch, who revealed herself, shape-shifting from a snowy owl that had perched on a nearby rock.

Wary of this strange hedge-witch, the members of the party organized a loose alliance against this new religious order, which seemed to plague the Folk Witches as well as the Order. Only time will tell if truth was told within that ring and if the alliance will hold.



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