Ore Island

Winter 1223 A.D.(part 3)

Maleficos non patieris vivere

Cassandra and Sopinka, along with an assortment of Grogs including Black William and John Carpenter, travelled north, through the murk and cold of a Devonshire winter, to the small village of Chudleigh to investigate the murder of the Wise Woman Edna.

Their investigation revealed a women who seemed to possess some knowledge of magic, a hedge witch perhaps, for they found some sort of magical powder in her small house, and evidence of other magical dealings. Sopinka’s magic was able to extract faces from blood left at the seen of her murder, perhaps from her murderers. Interviews with the village priest and other villages revealed the village had been visited by a Strange, Red-Haired Monk some short time before Edna’s murder. That he was attended by two armed men on horse-back, and that they left travelling north.

Thus began a path of tracking their progress through the Shire. From Chudleigh they travelled across country to a Priory near Bovey. The White Monk’s there were off-put by Sopinka’s manner, but because they had seperated earlier, Cassandra’s party was recieved in much better spirits. This led them to the discovery that the Monk and his two warriors had probably left into the Dartmoor, for word of witches near standing stones within that cursed place.

The party thus started to follow the path laid down some days before, and warning was given them. For a Demon named Vinoculus, an Imp of some sort, confronted Sopinka with warnings about both witches and other enemies he had. Saying that the ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Wisely Sopinka refused the creatures help, and yet they could not avoid the ominous implications of the creatures ravings.



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