Ore Island

Winter 1223 A.D.(part 2)

Curious Allies

The Celebration of first the Winter Solstice and than Christmas brought joyous occasion to the Covenant. A year that had both tribulation and bounty comes to an end with feasting and presents and frivolity. Even Bran, the usually silent magus of the house, got into the spirit by drinking more than a few grogs under the table. Sir Oswald Blackbanner gave his son a fine horse to further his education, as a knight and lord is expected to ride into battle. By the proper new year the party of the Blackbanners had left, having given his blessing to the training of his son’s magical senses, and good feelings all around.

Other mysteries and mischief continue. Cassandra found a strange plant, made entirely of Ice, outside her door Christmas day. The strange gift seems to keep growing, but it posses a puzzling mystery. Mary Faire continued her pursuit of Sopinka, with similar results. It remains to be seen if the flaxen haired serving maid will redouble her efforts, or change the target of her amorous advances.

As the weeks passed into the heart of winter, pelting rain and the occasional belt of snow, the covenant was greeted by the arrival of an old man from Nigrasaxa. Or at least so he appeared. At council, it was revealed that the raggedly appearance of the old traveller concealed with tattooed visage of Siffed of house Criamon. He brought with him a new text for the library, though more troubling was tales of a hedge-witch he found hung from a tree on the road from Exeter. Bearing the same markings and method of execution that befell one of the covenants original members. Sopinka and Cassandra begged indulgence as they set off to investigate what they could of this mystery.



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