Ore Island

Winter 1223 A.D.

Alliances bear fruit, both sweat and bitter

The covenants turb, now tested in battle, and made wary by knowledge of the covenants enemies, greats the cold rains of winter almost fondly. No campaigns will be fought in such weather and perhaps some peace may be found over the season.

With frost touching the ground and the Winter Solstice upon them the Covenant, and the Mages, take stock of what has been wrought. Their alliance with Falkes de Breauté has resulted in a surplus of coin and a prosperous year, yet also a letter in which the High Sheriff speaks obliquely of something in Tintagel only the mages could help him with.

The Aegis of the Hearth renewed for a year, matters of the coming magus from Nigrasaxa, as well as the approach of Sir Oswald Blackbanner for Christmas occupied much of the council meeting.

The same day the good Knight arrived, bearing gifts, food and fruits for the Christmas celebration and eager to see how his son had been faring. His talk with both Cole and Cassandra led to his seeming support for training the boy in the second sight, as he hopes his son will one day replace him as a responsible noble.



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