Ore Island

Summer 1222

Books and Plots and Sealing Wax

Fields now show Amber stocks of Wheat, Oats and Barely. Gardens sprout with hops, turnips, vegetables and herbs. The fishermen have had a good season and all seems well.

Cassandra continues to be occasional plagued with strange visions; one set around Sopinka, seeing him do literal battle with some dark robed mage. This vision shows this mage using a dagger, a robe covered in snakes, and an inverted cross with a strange asexual demonic figure on it as metaphorical ‘weapons’. As the battle rages the two of them are seemingly consumed in flame.s

While pondering these Visions Cassandra has more immediate matters to concern herself with as becomes further a more integral part of the covenant. The young Henry Blackbanner has asked for her to train him in the second sight he claims to possess. The covenant has agreed that she should at least test the boy to see if he does possess this sight. Though since his Father is coming to stay for Christmas this year, it was agreed any manner of training would be held off at least until than.

Lastly Cassandra seems to have earned herself some measure of loyalty from the out of time Norseman Sigurd. Though his English is poor, he seemed to convey an offer to protect Cassandra if she would protect him from the Fae.

Cole and his entourage returned, with news about negotiations with other covenants. Much debate in the council than ensues, mostly about the offer from Nigrasaxa, which was very generous in terms of their own library, but came with it an offer of negotiating Ore Islands entrance to an alliance against Blackthorne. It was eventually decided that they would accept the offer and sent a missive for the covenant to send their representative to Ore Island to consider the nature of such a future pact.



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