Ore Island

Spring 1223 A.D. Part 3

Forward to Tintagel

The covenant is in disarray. Sopinka has left for purposes unknown to the rest of the covenant, and Bran has set out to follow him.

As they had alrady planned Cassandra soon left as well to seek out Falkes de Breauté, with only braveSigurd as companion and guard.

Sopinka’s journey was initially swift and save for the rain and the cold reception from every person he encountered, uneventful. The taciturn mage managed to eek out travel despite the curse of the Gift and soon reached Exeter, followed in secret by Bran, who used his ability to shape-shift into a bear to great advantage.

From Exeter, he travelled overland past the great Dart Moores and Oakhampton Castle. Near the former, he encountered again a strange Imp who warned him of an Infernalist trying to kill him, and the succubus who would try to either seduce him or destroy him through other methods. At Oakhampton he warned the local clergy about this rising demonic threat and then moved onward.

Finally, at Tintagel, the ruined castle presented a challenge. Magic and effort finally revealed a Regio, and within a giant edifice of Stone, a tower with no doors or windows. Unable to unravel any further Mystery, Sopinka sat to wait, knowing someone would show up soon enough. Bran was revealed in this situation but still kept himself to the periphery of the area, ever watchful.

Cassandra met with Falkes in Exeter and, per their plan, left the city to meet up with him later at a Shrine to St. Bartholemew. . Cassandra and Sigurd were accosted by servants of Hubert de Burgh, who they dispatched, though not without Sigurd taking some nasty wounds.

Met by Falkes they travelled on in secret, eventually reaching Tintagel. Cassandra used her second sight to reveal the Regio, and the waiting Sopinka, though this has not been revealed to Falkes. Bran circles the encampment of Falkes’ men, waiting for something, fi not even he knows.



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