Ore Island

Spring 1223 A.D. Part 2

Falkes the Fox?

As was agreed upon at the last Covenant Council Meeting, Sopinka journeyed to meet with Falkes de Breauté and give him the councils answer and an explanation; No.

After travelling overland with a party of several grogs, including John Carpenter and Black William, Sopinka finally met with Falkes for what was a somewhat tense and drawn out meeting. Falkes was visibly disappointed that the covenant had decided not to help him, and in the ensuing conversation revealed himself to be far more knowledgeable about the order of Hermes than the Covenant had first imagined.

Returning to the Covenant, Sopinka shared what he had learned and the Covenant spoke anew. They had learned through Falkes that Fornax, a member of the Blackthorne covenant, had been seen in communication with Hubert de Burgh, a powerful rival to Falkes, and the kingdom of Englands Justicar. This could very well mean that Blackthorne, or at least Fornax, was violating the code already, placing the covenant in a serious bind.

It was eventually decided that Cassandra would covertly leave the covenant to go and join Falkes and help him. Reasoning that she could be denied as a rogue if things went south, and that the power at play here could not be trusted to mortals.

Sopinka violently disagreed with this course of action and left before the final decisiion was made, travelling himself towards Tintagel and the stories resting place of Excalibur.



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