Ore Island

Spring 1223 A.D.

Falkes and Maids

The winter raged on with sleet and rain, storms and ice, that turn the covenant into a virtual prison. Siffed of Nigrasaxa stayed for some time with the covenant, exchanging texts and solidifying an alliance between the two young covenants. Bargains were struck to support each other in the tribunal; with specific intent towards secure local magical resources to the respective covenants.

Winter came to the end, the covenant filled with perhaps a tad bit of mystery and joy as Sopinka demonstrated something of a softer side in helping to deliver Carol’s second son, Stuart.

The peace of the covenant was not to last long, for a messenger arrives from Falkes de Breauté. The messenger brought forth the ring Cole had made for Falkes, along with the message that Falkes wanted their help. He believes he has uncovered some sort of new evidence about Tintagel, the birth-place of the legendary King Arthur, that may lead him to Excalibur.

The covenant concluded that the only reason for some-one like Falkes to pursue this legendary sword was as a play for the throne, and though it wouldn’t violate the Hermetic code, it would likely lead to a great disruption and involve them in things that would lead to the codes violation. They thus fudged their response, coaching it in vague terms and obfuscation.

It was than they realized that with the messenger possessing the ring, it was possible it was used against them. With Cole absent they had to rush to understand the rings powers, and to try and understand how they would deal with Falkes. It was decided, despite him originally washing his hands of the whole matter, that Sopinka would journey with the messenger and try and both suss out Falkes’ intentions and also make the covenant as distant from it as possible.



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