Ore Island

Spring 1222

Bear Caves, Mayday Malarky and a Quest for Texts.

Fall passed into Winter, and Winter finally breaking into spring with no further word from the Faerie lord. Unknowing if such a being even reckoned time as do humans, the Covenant turned back to order, fish, wheat, vis and now Timber.

The finances of the Covenant seemingly secure, though all concerned about what might come from their bargain with Falkes de Breauté, the new matter before the council was their library resources. Though the covenant possessed a number of important and worthy texts, their range was somewhat limited and many within the covenant desired a broader library to further their magical research.

It was agreed that after the Mayday Celebration, Cole, along with several grogs, would travel to the Covenants of Nigrasaxa, Libellus, and Schola Pythagoranis to seak to bargain for books.

The Mayday celebration, with it’s cakes and Maypole and Mayfaire Queen, went on quite well within the covenant and the nearby fishing village. Though it began perhaps a strange tale; Mary Faire had apparently set her eyes on one of the mages, strangely enough Sopinka. While his initial social ignorance kept anything from coming of it, Mary was not one to be so easily dissuaded and wound up in a compromising position in the mages bed. With a, some would say strange, level of chivalry, Sopinka used his magic to keep the girl asleep and than had Matilda deal with the matter as gently as possible. Though only time will tell if Mary has given up her aspirations on the Mage, or will turn her attentions and ambitions to another.

The last matter was one for Magus Bran. Wondering the woods as a bear, he came across a cave he had frequented many times before. Some shift in the rocks, an early spring flood or some such, had caused a portion of wall to come loose, revealing a deeper cave that smelt of antiquity and bear. Exploring within he discovered a strange Magical Creature, a Bear of Virtue, whom he calmed and engaged with. She showed him to a strange Magical Regio on which strange elaborate paintings covered the walls and strange edifices and statuettes littered the floor along with countless bear bones. A new source of Vis was of course a benefit to the covenant, but Bran seems interested in gleaning something more from this strange cave.



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