Ore Island

Fall 1222 A.D.

A Bastard in more than Name

The Grain has grown long, and a slow chilll builds in the South of England, and yet the Covenant faces greater dangers than the coming winter.

Cassandra, with help from Cole, was able to demonstrate that indeed, Henry does have the gift of secondsight. What the covenant, and more importantly his father, will do with this knowledge is hard to know, and something that the covenant can at least put to the side until Christmas.

In the meanwhile however, something darker is afoot. Geoffrey the Bastard, bastard son of Eudo de Vannes, appeared at the Inn, bringing with him a couple of men and asking questions about the Lady Cassandra and William Whitelocke. This news soon reached back to Whitelocke, who set Black William to work, monitoring the roads to see if this scoundrel and bandit would return.

Soon enough he did, with a half-dozen men on horseback and another dozen men. Alerted, the Covenant was able to evacuate the village and set up a trap for the men. A combination of Bran’s magic, the skill at arms of the Turb and the Captains leadership brought down the attackers, letting only a couple escape, and felling the Bastard himself.

Brought to the covenant, Cole’s mind magic was able to discover the truth, and Whitelockes failure to more generally alert the covenant brought up. A council meeting recommended commending the Captain for his defence of the village and covenant, but reprimanded him for not letting the mages in general know everything there was to know. It was agreed a more specific system, in which it would be the obligation of everyone to make sure the Speaker of the council was informed of all general matters, rather than any one particular mage, would be instituted.

The council finished in conversation, wondering what could now be done about Baron Eudo, and what retribution would follow from the death of his bastard son.



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